Poking Fun At The Nobelians And Barking At The Moon

More fallout from Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize. Here's a nice round up of all that was said. Everyone has an opinion and I must say it's a lot of fun reading them - except for the douchetards who think he deserves it. Man, there's some bad reasoning out there.

So. This is the change he was talkin' 'bout eh, Willis?


Oh, did you hear about the "bombing" of the moon?

I hear the purpose of why he's looking (and barking) at the moon is because he can really "get a feel" for power from above. The Prez says, "It's as close to God as I can get! Hear my HOWL!"

I personally think we should kill all the Moonians. Those bastards.

What more, the President should blow a big stinking hole right in the middle of it and make a maple doughnut of it. With the pieces that fall from the sky, the government should pick them up, and hand the chunks (oh, roughly the size of a meatloaf or gold brick) to people. Why? For propaganda, that's why! Ooof. Slow dimwits. Film the carefully selected people on major networks taking a bite out of the moon while shouting, "Manifest Destiny!"

Not satisified with this, then the President should throw the Nobel Peace trophy (which up until that point had become a pendant for his necklace) at the Constitution - while riding a unicycle.

What better way to gain more attention and scare the living shit of people around the world?


I suck at "top 10" humor but hey, I'm giving it a shot.

Top 11 reasons why the Nobel committee chose President Obama:

11) Wanted to beat the Heisman Trophy, Pulitzer Prize and Man of the Millennium committees to the punch.
10) For eating his vegetables - or at least saying he will.
9) Jimmy Carter kept cranking calling us saying, "Vote for Barack or watch me call Norway racist on national television!"
8) To spite Bill Clinton and his wife, whasshername, for no damn good reason.
7) Felt bad the putzes at the IOC overlooked our boy.
6) For his outstanding commitment and contribution to the art of community organizing.
5) Truthfully? We want a black leader too in Norway!
4) For his work during the Gates affair. Exemplary stuff.
3) For throwing out the first pitch at a Chicago White Sox game. Cy Young, Cy Young!
2) We're running out of reasons.
1) Aaaannnnnddddd....obviously, he's not George W. Bush! Duh!

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