Reagan's Extremism

Lately, Liberals have lost their minds when it comes to the "conservatism is dead" rhetoric. They also have an obsession with Ronald Reagan. I don't get this piece.

Let me see if I get this straight. Herbie Bush tells Spotty Gorby, Reagan is an extremist. Gorby agrees. But then Gorby turns around and says Reagan deserves credit for what he accomplished. In other words, he was able to come to the center on issues.

So what's the point of the article? Ty Cobb was an asshole but he still was the greatest hitter in history. Willie Mays was crusty with the media but he's among the greatest players of all time. Joe DiMaggio was painfully shy but, again, one of the all-time legends. Babe Ruth? Ted Williams? All exhibited some extreme behavior. Yet...

The results were there. You can't deny it. So it is with Reagan. He made his choices. It may not have been popular for many but it's time to let it go. Sheesh. Do people still harp about the many controversial policies of past presidents?

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