eHealth Scandal Is Ontario's Ad Scam

When will people get it? We need to limit the government's access to your money? We need to decide collectively as a society when is it enough? At some point, we need to just say, "Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Government, we can handle this one on our own."

Does this surprise anyone? If you are you really are living in a dream world - more like Freddy's Nightmare. On Whatever Street.

So. eHealth Ontario (which could be a good idea) have cost that province and its taxpayers over $1 billion in fraud according to the the province's auditor.


"Some of the same executives involved in the eHealth scandal helped approve a lucrative consulting contract for a friend's firm four years ago when they were running another provincial health agency, sources tell CBC News."

Of course, the chick, one Sarah Kramer (who will land another cushiony job no doubt), behind the activity is denying any wrong doing. They all do. Yawn.

Recall the water meter scandal here in Montreal. Had it not been leaked, thankfully, it would have cost the city over $650 million!

It's just incredible how bad people become with money. Girls Gone Wild should have a political version.

Observing the health care reform down south, I've been listening to both sides of the coin in favor and against Obama's plan. The one thing I've read that really perplexes me (and induces laughter) is how people in favor of a public option demand "proof" of government waste. They want to know how the government would be inefficient. Fuck and spank me three times over, Ms. Sweetheart!

Look, I understand the critical thinking aspect of keeping every issue separate and independent, but when it comes to government waste, the chronic corrosive pattern of abject waste, arrogance and inefficienciy, is well-chronicled.

Have these people been asleep at the switch or do they really believe the government is efficient? Even bureaus that function fairly well - like the SAAQ or DMZ or whatever - are susceptible to waste. Anyone who has to had to deal with the government always (ok, usually. Let's be somewhat fair) shakes their head whenever they leave an office or hangs up the phone.

Time and time again, we see this sort of stuff like e-Health - gun registry, adscam etc. - and as far as I'm concerned this is criminal activity. Yet, no one ever goes to jail. It's so bad a known tax cheat is able to become head of the IRS in the United States!

Imagine if you did this. No seriously. Imagine if you, little old you, scammed and kited your way to success. What do you think would happen? You'd be thrown in that paddy wagon by cops with thick Irish accents so fast, you'd think you were back in Belfast - or Dublin.

I know. The Irish will never live down the corrupt cop stereotype.

But seriously folks. This should anger you to no end. Know why? It's our, your, money.

I have no tolerance for this behavior. NONE.

How can anyone be against this?

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