Meet Canada's Jimmy Carter

In sports, a former coach who criticizes a current coach (of the same team) is generally frowned upon. Not that it doesn't happen.

And so it is considered bad form for a former leader to cast dispersions upon a governing administration. Not that, again, it doesn't happen.

However, it hasn't stopped Jimmy Carter down south and it hasn't impeded former PM Jean 'A proof is a proof is a proof' Chretien from taking shots at their successors. Ever the combative soul, Chretien's own legacy is far from being free of heavy criticism yet, he felt he should impart his words of wisdom regarding Harper's foreign policy.

Yeah. Sure. The Liberals were such great purveyors of foreign policy. Anyone read "While Canada Slept?" Anyone?

Moreover, consider that under his benign reign: Our military was allowed to sink to woeful levels, our commitment to peacekeeping was not on par with our allies, Canada continued to be weak on foreign aid on a per capita basis, education declined, the public health system continued to be mismanaged, Adscam took place under his watch, anti-Americanism rose and above all, he did precious little during the 1995 referendum - which we barely won.

As for the economy, true, Canada enjoyed prosperity (largely because of the U.S.) but the balanced books were easy to achieve when you cut and take it from EI. Anyway, wasn't it the Trdueau/Chretien duo that created the deficit to begin with?

Remember the Red Book? I sure do. We're still waiting for those promises to be fulfilled.

Since Chretien left it has gotten worst for the Liberals.

But hey. Who needs to be critical? After all, he did get an Order of Merit! Ti-Jean is the teflon man for real. First Obama and now this?


These awards are becoming watered down en maudit.

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