Exceptional Family Needs Your Help

Parent of an exceptional child with special needs? Know someone in that situation? Do you care about the plight of such children trying to fit in society at large?

Then vote for Exceptional Family! It takes seconds to register and vote.

Like anything in life, it costs money to run things and the publication needs funds to expand its circulation currently at 10 000. I believe in their project and so should all Canadians!

Vote! Help out a magazine that really, truly makes a difference in the lives of thousands of kids and families.

As a teaser, check out their site. The latest cover story was written by yours truly.


  1. I'm already a suscriber.

  2. Yes I know and that's great.

    But for this campaign they need votes!

    Did you receive your fall issue?

  3. Yes. OK being a democrat, I'll vote

  4. Tried to vote, never could get the hang of the system. There is a bug somewhere.


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