What I ThinkWould Be Cool

I'm often asked, "Yo, wannabe douche, what would you like to do before you die?"

Good question. One would be to take a fast ball from a major league pitcher. I also wonder what it would be like to get hit by a pitch. Coach was pretty good at it.

The other thing I think would be fabcool would be to water ski on two dolphins like Aquaman. I was watching the 'Superfriends' (the greatest forces of good ever assembled) and couldn't quite figure out why the Hall of Justice would take Aquaman on a mission to a distant planet. One would think, given the dearth of water on planets, he would be more of a hindrance. What's he good for outside of water? Still. He's pretty cool. He's basically Poseidon of the comic world.

Poor Aquaman. The Rodney Dangerfield of comic heroes. No respect.

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