Consistency Is The Word

After listening to Colin Campbell break down on radio, and really no clue how this chap is still employed, the NHL needs to look up the word consistency.

It's all about consistency.

As in make your rules uniform or at least ENFORCE your rules.

It's simple. It really is. Hit to the head = automatic *insert number of games here* suspension. Or something like that. If a high stick is a fucking two-minute penalty regardless if it's intentional or not, you can't tell me you can't enforce a hit to the head. The league and fans know there are headhunters in the game - Torres, Cooke etc. - and when they strike you SIT their asses DOWN.

None of this arbitrary and subjective review process. You, hit head. You, sit. There's you slogan.

If violent sports like boxing, UFC and the NFL can do it, so can the NHL.

And spare me all the bull shit excuses about the speed of the game. These are pro athletes who know what they're doing. All they need is a clear, consistence cue from the NHL.

Wake the hell up already.


The NHL, jumping to politics, remind me of the Americans and their sad inability to enforce their immigration laws to protect the integrity of their national borders.

What is up with that?

No balls.


  1. Hey, we try to control our borders but those damned Canadians keep slipping through.

  2. Douglas, we may slip through but most of us slip right back out contrary to many USAers who have come for a week and never got out since the 1970's. Wonderfull guys, most of them, who have enriched us very much.

  3. Watch us.

    We're a devious bunch!

    Paul, would love to see those stats.

  4. Stats are hard to find. Lately there were news that profesionals, doctors mainly, are coming back. As for the 1970s just have a look at McGill's faculty members and Concordia's, you will find quite a few Vietnam objectors wether active or retired. Same applies across Canada.

  5. I thought those guys from the 70's got pardoned and headed back down to warmer climes.

  6. Academics and draft dodgers? Seems like s amall sample to me.

    The latter mean squat.


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