The Change Disease

'We want change.'

That idiotic, miserable phrase is back this election cycle.

And apparently 'change' is coming by way of the NDP. As if democracy is well-served and healthy by voting other than Liberal or Conservative.

If it's come to that point, I say, then to hell with it!

Want change? Vote fringe parties like Pirate or Green - if you're lucky enough to have them on the ballot. Be true democratic renegades.

Or else, spare me the bull shit and go back to your statist lives.

Vote fringe? "But who are these people?" a friend asked. "And 'who are' the people running the big parties? Do you know them outside what the media feeds us?" I replied. All we get is the same tired issues with the same tired responses and "solutions." Tax, spend, increase government. Pat ourselves on the back for a job pretended to be well done.

What makes, say, Justin Trudeau so damn smart or smarter than politicians in other lesser known parties? Nothing.

With change like this, who needs it? Unless, of course, people superficially believe if they vote someone other than the ruling parties they know, then I guess mission accomplished. "Hey, I voted NDP! I did my part for change! Woooo! Hey, wait a second? Why are my taxes going up?"

Nah. Change for me at this point is true revolution.

Other than that, your vote hits a concrete wall. You still have no say in anything once the party you voted for is in power.

If, for example, you vote for a party based on their platform and they suddenly go opposite of what they said, you're screwed for four years.

Some democracy.

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