They Have Gots To Do Better Than That, No?

I'll tell you one thing, if this teenager was speaking on behalf of the progressive agenda, she'd be praised to no end.

Heck, she'd likely be interviewed by Katie Couric. Bruce Springsteen would sing a song for her, and Obama would give her some sort of ribbon.

And don't say it's not true!

Alas, since she speaks for the Tea Party (if you're still using the term Tea Bagger thinking it's still somehow smart to do so, think again) she's being...get this...indocrinated by her parents!

Of course. Naturally. It's gotta be that.

Moving along. Were that some black people I saw in the video? Don't they know they're part of a racist movement?

Reminds me of Quebec nationalists who still whine about being an oppressed minority in a province exclusively controlled by French-Canadians. More like part of an oppressed majority.


I'm less interested in the content of what she's arguing, we pretty much know what the TP is about by now, but how opponents dealt with.

Drums and cow bells.

While she's up there speaking, this is the best the left has as a response? Fucking cow bells and chants of 'Go home?'

Cue Will Ferrel now!

Civil discourse my ass.

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