Obama's Failing Libyan Policy

Two things I'm a little tired of hearing about President Obama. One, he's "fixing" things. No he's not. He's confirming them. Two, he's "smart." Very subjective. I'm going to go ahead and safely assume if you're leading a country you possess some amount of intelligence. The question is, is he as "smart" as people push him to be? I'm not convinced.

Oh. There's a third one: He's a socialist. He's a socialist because he spends and brings in Obamacare? Actually, they (and you know who you are!), term this by the grating and irritating "progressivism."

Aside from the fact he doesn't quite fit the classic profile of a socialist (though he's been firmly established as a  liberal based on his modest track record), last I checked, Republicans spend too (as conservatives are apt to do up here) and one of the Union's first health care plan was introduced byMitt Romney (R) in Massachusetts.


One thing he ain't is a military strategist. FP claims a failing Libya policy imminent.

From Foreign Policy:

"Obama's Libya policy has been marked by an erratic, improvisational, and amateurish character. Already the administration is quietly warning that the war may drag on through the rest of the year, if not beyond it."

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