This. Well, this is just more crap that constitutes as "part of the game" now in the NHL.

Notice the comments. I point to them because this is a prevailing mindset among douchebags who in reality know jack shit about hockey and its history but feel ignorantly compelled to comment about it. I wouldn't be surprised if half of them can't even skate or hold a hockey stick properly.

What Ference did, again, is not a hockey play. It's an act of devious thuggery.

All the more hypocritical given he's gone on record saying there's no room for head shots in the game. Yet, there he is throwing a dirty hit on an unsuspecting player away from the play.

This is not a case of not "keeping your head up." What's destroying hockey and making it a bushwack league is somewhere along the line kids are being taught to specifically clock a person when they've got their head down and away from the play. This is key. Hitting for its own sake has become "normal."


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