Innovation Index

According to The Economist. Click on the 'full report' in the article for a complete report and methodology.

The United States pretty much remain the kings even though growth in innovation is expected to dip slightly - -.6%- in the next five years. Canada, which does fine on the list (weak R&D though), finds itself on a similar growth trend (-.3%) as its neighbour to the south.

China and India are gaining steam but each have major obstacles in their way before they reach American levels. Nonetheless, 11% nd 8% growth for each are on the horizon. America's main competitor is resource-challenged Japan. Its growth is expected to be even.

As for Europe, growth numbers are in North America's range with Belgium (1.2%) and Croatia (5.1%) among the leaders.


Here's yet another index from INSEAD - this one a 456 page comprehensive breakdown for each country.


A link to a business innovation site.

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