Canada Should Face Its Racism

As I've spoken about in the past, any honest student of Canadian history comes to terms with a fact: Canadian racism existed and continues to persist.

We don't speak much about it because Canadians have done a wonderful job cleaning up its image without confronting its past. We speak passionate of American race issues and stand strangely silent with our own.

From the eugenics movement of the early 20th century, to the internment of Japanese, Italian, German and Ukranian Canadians to repressive language laws in Quebec (of which the disgraceful and pathetic NDP a national party supports), Canada is no stranger to prejudicial and racial behaviour.

One of the worst offenses, of course, is what went on in Residential Schools and the murder of Natives.

Genocide the way Natives see it.

America stares its racial problems in the face. Canada looks away.

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