No Knock Out Punch

Conclusion after last night's debate?

In order to beat the defending champ in boxing, it usually takes a knock out. The Liberals took a chance in pushing a non-confidence vote. Michael Ignatieff needed to knock Harper out and he didn't.

What remains to be seen is if Harper can earn a majority.

If he doesn't and gets a third minority in succession, Frik and Frak may see this as yet another chance to try and bother us with another election somewhere down the road. And still more possible coalition nonsense between the irksome NDP and pointless Liberals. Don't expect fiscal responsibility either.


The thing is, Harper is a smooth chess player. He put his opponents in a corner with his coy budget. He put many things in there they wanted and they reacted by calling an election and then proceeded to attack him in the debates for not doing what he put in the budget. Follow? They misplayed the whole thing.

They were left to going after his iron-fist political behavior and kept hammering out how they want a "Democratic" government. Please. Quebec and the Bloc aren't bastions of "Democracy," the NDP are socialists and prefer coercion to individual choice and the Liberals under Chretien were a benign dictatorial state.

It was a hollow game.

Last, as a side note, the Harper conservatives have spent more than any Tory government in history.


The conservatives are the only government since I've been voting that actually cut cheques out to families. The Liberals, who cut services massively and never cut taxes, talked about it but never acted on it.

Hey, $100 bucks is $100. If you have more kids, more for you.


A local Bloc candidate is described as a "militante souvereigniste." A militant sovereignist.

Leave it to them to use military terminology to describe their intentions.

Imagine if mainstream parties used such language.

It does wreak of "pitchforks" and "axes" doesn't it?

Militant. Please.

How about getting serious about more social pressing needs, eh? Get Quebecers to stay in school, smoke less and exercise more, work harder, fix health and education, lower the damn taxes, scale back the enormous size of the civil service of which the crushing weight of its costs is destroying the tax base, weaken the unions, and produce some wealth outside state run monopolies.

Oh, get the bus drivers to smile more and privatize the fricken SAQ. I'm fed up of paying $28 hourly wages ( for something the state has no business running. $28! Go on the free market and see how much they're really worth.

Maybe then I'll take them seriously.

La faute d'Ottawa mon oeil.

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