Pepper Spray Alarm Illegal

An alarm system that discharges cayenne pepper has cops, well, alarmed. Crazy story.

"When pepper spray is used against another person — even if that person is an aggressor — it's considered a prohibited weapon," said provincial police Sgt. Genevieve Bruneau.

I don't know. But I'm calling bull shit. More proof every ounce of freedom humans that should be accorded - and I do consider self-defense to be a private issue if necessary - is removed through laws.

If someone enters a house unlawfully, as far as I'm concerned, he or she is FREE game. None of this excessive force crap. If anything, excessive force should be used to send a message.

"...police argue having a pepper spray-enabled alarm system at home could impede firefighters and first-responders from doing their job.

Meanwhile, they believe having it installed in a vehicle poses a risk if the system malfunctions, contravening the Highway Safety Code.

"If someone is contaminated, they can cause injuries to others too," Bruneau said."

But. I thought an alarm system is to keep burglars and possibly killers out. Not firemen.

That's another weak argument.

Bunch of 'what ifs.'

Anyway. Other than that, who knows what these folks were up to beyond this? Maybe there's more to the story.

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