That's My Girl

As I was getting ready to leave and while waiting for daughter to rise from her temporary sleep, my wife was watching the news - rephrase that to the Royal Wedding. By 6:20 am my kid was up and rushed over to her mother who said to her, "Look baby doll, that girl just became a princess!"

She glanced over at the television, looked at the clock remembering something from the night before, and with an indifferent look replied, "Mommy, Woody Woodpecker is on!"

That's my girl!


Speaking of dated Monarchical weddings, I tend to treat Royalty and its history sorta like I do religion and the Christian church. I'm not a nut about either. Each has had its influence on history but both are institutions run, governed and invaded by mere mortals. I certainly won't get up at 3am in the morning to watch two people get hitched.

So the future King plays Polo and wears a sash saying, 'I will.' As for his bride, a Canadian no less, I swear I heard the words, "I will, eh?"

In the end, when we strip ourselves naked, we all have the same virtues and vices.

And Lord knows British royalty has its share of both.

In the end, again, we're all screwballs.


  1. I was never a fan of Woody Woodpecker cartoons but I do appreciate the old cartoon style. Not to mention the slapstick humor tradition they followed.

    I have never understood the infatuation with monarchy either. So a few pampered and filthy rich people lay claim to ownership of a nation (and empire at one time) and one of them is marrying. This is eventful? People marry all the time. Many of them more than once. And these two who married will go on to do what? Create new industries to employ those who need a job? Invent a new source of fuel? Re-establish Pax Britannica?

    No, they will just live in luxury and head up charities. And nothing will really change.

  2. I love cartoons from the 40s and even 30s and that goes for WWP too. Old Bugs from that period was different from the "golden age" Bugs we know from the 50s. Little known fact, and I learned this at a Bugs festival screening, was that the original Tweety was an evil, twisted sucker.

    Tweety was still mischevious but behind a cute exterior but once upon a time, he (or she) was a beyatch and I loved him (or her).

    I digress.


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