Let Women Choose Free Of Pressure

The push to have more women in everything seems somewhat artificial to me at times.

I don't know to what extent gender discrimination goes but the premise seems to be A) women are conditioned to be less forthright and B) there's a bias, subtle or otherwise, against women on the job market.

But one little thing I'm learning rarely mentioned is the fact some women actually want to be mothers. Societal pressures on women not ready to drop their kids at daycare is heavy and causes stress to mothers. Never mind the whole whithering of the family as a primary institution for humans angle.

Maybe a majority of women don't want to go into politics or be cops or play with hammers.

It is, after all, a dirty rotten game for scoundrels.

Let them be mothers if they so choose and spare the "we must be equal to men on all levels" crap. Women give birth and are the principle caregivers to children. It's not only biologically healthy but the base root of a healthy world. There is no greater responsibility (and honor) a person can be given.

If they choose a career, so be it too. But let's not group all women into one boat. Each has its own "maternal instincts" clock. By this virtue, there will always be a smaller labour pool with women.

Nothing sucks more than having to live for someone else's personal ideals of what life should be.

I invite women to kick in with some thoughts. Screw the men.

Erm. Figuratively.

I'll stop. Here.


  1. I want to know why every receptionist I've ever seen (including where I work) is a woman. How about a dentist's office? All women. Talk about discrimination in employment opportunities!

  2. So true!

    Although the bank I do business with has a male receptionist - which is rare too.

  3. It seems to me that all of the self-righteous posturing of feminists in the '60s and '70s has faded away, and that it's "safe" to be a full-time wife and mother if a woman so chooses. Am I mistaken?

  4. I think it still lives on and the damage is maybe already done.

    Ain't nobody's business what a woman decides either way. More importantly, the family decision should trump any ideological bent.


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