It's Not A Hockey Play

I see the buffoonery continues when it comes to suspensions in the NHL.

I've given up trying to figure these guys out.

Only in hockey is it tolerated that when player doesn't keep his head up is open game for a blindside hit.

All these people who think they know sports and the game know squat in reality. There is such a thing as sportsmanship - at least I'd like to think so.

The latest hit to the head left unpunished involved Vancouver Canucks forward Raffi Torres. He knew Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook was vulnerable and he still hit him.  To me, and it's just personal, it's horse spit play. See it here.

Yes, players are taught to keep their heads up but it doesn't mean when it's down we should waste them. To me, well, it's almost cowardly. It's getting to the point hits are taking place away from the puck or play. Now we just have guys ramming people for not tactical reason except to, well, plough them into the boards or ice.

DB's in football always let up when a receiver is not looking so why can't fricken hockey players grasp this simple tenet? And no, it's not "part of the game." Good clean, hard, even open ice hits are. NOT blindsides.

Never was and never will be in my book. And I played hockey.

In the case of Torres on Seabrook, yeah, it's borderline but in light of everything the league just went through he should have sat out a game a or two. After all, he is a "repeat" offender for such hits. This is a player who wouldn't be in the league if he didn't make a living of trying to seperate players from the puck.

All I know is in football (and yes it's not a furious perpetual motion game like hockey) was able to stamp out helmet to helmet hits and head shots.


Judge for yourselves. Incidentally, in the usual NHL inaction to assume leadership on the issue (God I have no respect for the powers that be), a bunch of non-hockey plays littered the Pittsburgh-Tampa Bay game. Steve Downie, another aggressive player, did something similar to a Penguins player. He was subsequently suspended for one game even though he was given 20 for a similar hit on Dean McAmmond a couple of years bach. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh forward Chris Kunitz - who plays for outspoken owner Mario Lemieux on the issue of dirty plays - hit Simon Gagne with a flagrant elbow.Gagne has already been diagnosed with concussions and has missed a significant amount of games in his career due to the injury. His punishment? One lousy piece of shit game.

But hey. It's all "part of the game" and "keep your heads up" fellows.

Why would a parent put their kids in this game the way it's being taught?

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