Quebec's Grading Meddling

Once again, in their infinite wisdom, the paternalistic brains running the education ministry have chimed in with a piece of grand work. I don't know what their fetish is for constantly tinkering with how to grade students. They messed up the last time they did it leaving parents with a blank Homer Simpson stare and a "I see. But is my kid an idiot or not?"

Was talking to a few teachers over the last few days, some of whom have over 40 years experience, and they concluded it was another dud from the government. All it does is confuse parents further and complicates a teacher's life trying to explain the convoluted process. We're doing a massive disservice to parents. In fact, no one asked for it to be changed the first time around. If parents and teachers didn't ask for it, then why is the government forcing a change?

To prove they exist? To justify their jobs?

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