45 And 4 Million

I still keep reading about how 45 million Americans don't have health care when in fact all are covered. The issue is 45 million don't have insurance

Not only that, that 45 million figure has been examined.

45 million accounts for 15% of the population. As the article points out, 85% of Americans are covered and satisfied with their coverage. Though, interestingly, a high percentage of bankruptcies are due to medical expenses.

By contrast, 4.1 million Canadians don't have a GP - 12% of the population. It shoots up to 25% in Quebec. The way our system is set up, that's also a serious problem.

I forget where I read it - I think it was factcheck - but that 45 million figure can also be broken down. Factor in people who freely choose to not have insurance and illegal immigrants, it's closer to 15 million.

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