Ever notice how government programs offering, say, job training, or other special services to help people pick arbitrary age limits? Usually, from what I've seen, the figures settled upon are 18 to 35 years old.

What. 17 and 36 year olds are chopped kidney? What about a 45 or 55 year-old? Why they be discriminated against?

Just an observation.


  1. It's an outrage!

  2. And may I further add that it's a double outrage! An outrage against 17 year olds (though they still have a chance when they turn 18) and against over 35 year olds (who are suddenly "over the hill"; they can't even wait until people turn 40!). Well, all government is arbitrary anyway, including every single one of its phony "laws".

    Quit beating around the bush, get off the crapper, and become an anarchist already, T.C.!

  3. A part of me already is.

    I just don't believe some of these laws, including those with monetary "cut offs" and age limits, that purport to be for our "protection" or "benefit" to be just.

    If you believe a law that limits freedom based on past collective experiences leading to that point, then I have to conclude what a bullshit existence we live.

  4. Moreover, it's not the laws or the concept of 'welfare' - or that 'entitlements' are important as Obama seems to ludicrously believe - that keep us in check, it's the fear of going to jail and having the stare rape us silly.

    They've have done little to improve the negative aspects of human nature. The government's failed war on drugs and poverty are prime examples of arrogance run amock using the state as our weapon.

    The universal vices that afflict us were evident with Homer and little has changed.

    Yet, we still laughably believe creating new bureaucracies with the notion 'this time it'll be different!' and increased taxes to fix said problems will bring us back to a magical time.

  5. Well said, T.C., well said! May I use your comments as part of a post at my blog? I know you use Creative Commons here for copyright, but still, thought I should ask.

  6. Sure. No need to ask.

  7. Bad grammar and all.


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