Lack Of Attention On The Streets

This iPod, texting, thing is becoming a serious issue.

I spend a lot of time in my jeep driving back and forth and everywhere and let me tell you, the amount of kids not paying attention at cross walks or intersections is scaringly on the uptick. I count at least two a day. Why, just the other day we were at a stop and began to make our left turn while a young guy was diagonally crossing the street looking straight down on his phone. We literally stopped in the middle of the street waiting for him to realize his stupidity. It was all in slow motion I swear. We just stared at him in astonishment until he looked up...smiling. Probably not realizing that if I was an aggressive and irresponsible driver he would have been hit by a car.


  1. At least he was not driving.

  2. Maybe but it's the most basic thing we learn as children: Look both ways and be attentative!

  3. It's just natural selection at work. Let it do its thing.


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