Spelling Not A Strongpoint For Some

What's Worse Than 'Ruinous'?

The above article is above Paul Ryan's budget cuts proposal, but I'm using it for something else and strictly related to the title.
I was at my daughter's kindergarten "report" day on Thursday. Kid's an ace. It's a good sign when the teacher says, "I don't have to show or tell you anything, you already know what to do, honey." She's outgoing and a leader. Already knows some math, reads ahead of her age and grasping the geography lessons I'm giving her. In short, she's nothing like me when I was her age. I was a blathering idiot. I had to wear a helmet just to avoid hitting my head on a Tonka truck - the plastic and not the metal ones. Whoa!
So what's 'ruinous?'

A mother in a book lying on a table in the classroom thanking the teacher speeling 'speechless' as 'speechlious.' I'm going to assume she's not from around here and English is not a first language. I hope.

How delishess!

The ruinless of society.

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