The Last Of The Bloggers

We often hear the term "the last of the" something. As in, "he was the last great musician of the era" or the popular "Last of the Mohicans."

But what about "The last of the Romans?" 


It's funny to see that to some, Brutus was the last of the Romans.

Well, someone had to mark the end of Roman blood and transfer it into Italian, no?

Reminds me a little of the Americans. To the hard core, the last great Americans were the Founding Fathers and that the Republic merged with democracy and later became an oligarchy.


Speaking of Rome, or what was left of it anyway, the Justinian period provided some interesting history. Justinian's legal code certainly left a mark on history.

The work (and rivalry) of the great generals, Flavius Aetius, Bonifacius and Belisarius in particular.

And who chronicled all this stuff? Why, Procopius that's who! Speaking of the "last" chaps, he's considered the "last scholar of the anicent world."


My goal in life is to become the last of the bloggers.

I'll do this until I'm purpleblue in the face if I have to.

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  1. Anonymous5/01/2011

    For those rare souls interested in reading a really old, but at the foundation of Western law book, here it is.


    Having a copy of Black's Law Dictionary or something like it in an online version is helpful.


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