Or is it fail?

I can't keep up with trends.

I'm a classics guy.

So. Let's delve into this article envoyer via email to moi.

It's from a site called Wonkette and judging by its content, not surprised by the position it takes about the Atlas Shrugged movie struggling at the box office.

Yes. Because that's never happened before.

Just because a film fails at the box office doesn't mean much. Some do go on to become cult classics.

I don't know why it's struggling. I don't pretend to profess anything. Sometimes art is ignored for whatever reason. To somehow attempt to correlate it to the "liberal media" as some on the right thing or the fact it's somehow politically deficient is plain lame.

And for the god dang record, Ayn Rand was not libertarian. Objectivism is a philosophy attempting to be formalized and structured. Libertarianism is more a loose confederation of points of views; a movement.

Clearly, people are too lazy to make the distinction or are so annoyed at another view other than their own, they merely judge a book by its cover.

She's no more libby than Obama is socialist.

In any event, what a travesty a film is made about a philosophical outlook - however minor - that diverts from the status quo; or at least the leftist vision of the world.

Heaven forbid!


I plan to watch it at some point. We're so behind we haven't even watched 'Iron Man 2' yet.


The notion that no one buys something or goes to see anything somehow detracts from the content or quality of that produced item is wrongheaded.

Ever been to a fantastic restaurant that failed since it was ignored by the so-called "smart" public?

It's especially rough on artists. Nick Drake, Franz Kafka, Emily Dickinson, and of course Galileo and Van Gogh all became famous in death.

It says less about the work created and more about how shortsighted we can be. We believe to be hip and progressive but sometimes we're not.

No clue what will become of Atlas Shrugged the movie. No one does. It's a fool's game to piss on it in the present. It was made into a film because it's a cult book of sorts. No one can deny the book has found new fans.

It's irrelevant if we disagree with it.

If leftists are worried, maybe they should write a book or make a movie defending their positions.

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