Ignatieff Is Right

Roll back payroll taxes!

Too expense. I have to tack on an extra .16% on the hourly wage. For start ups, that's an extremely expensive proposition. For example, if I have to pay someone $15 an hour it actually costs me something closer to $17. And that's not including woker's compensation through CSST.

It's worse for businesses in manufacturing and resources. A friend of mine (from my hockey pool)  is a CFO of multi-million dollar resource company and he was telling me a $23 wage costs hims $36.

Fronting that kind of money means I have less to PUT INTO THE BUSINESS. The quicker I put it back into the business, the more rapidly I can hire thus increasing the speed of stabilizing the business. Once done, I can then work on paying debts back. At which point, I can look to open a SECOND business. More employment for the economy.

But I'm raped up front. This means the length of time to recover is drawn out.

It's not rocket science. It really isn't.

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