Blogging While Buzzed

Ever have a bunch of food items in the pantry and fridge about to go to waste? It's especially tough for a guy like me since my wife is allergic to...well, let's just say it's shorter to not get into it.

So I have to buy bread in a weel I think I can use it. My daughter is too young (and thus inconsistent) to count on to help me consume.

I took some basil, celery, yellow pepper, garlic and onion and began to make a tomato sauce. Add some pancetta (Italian bacon) and pepperoni (the real stuff not that mechanically seperated crap) and I got sumting brooing.

What to use it with? Didn't fell like pasta. So I looked into the freezer and spotted some grilled Southwestern style panini. Grabbed some mozzarella and made a 30-second pizza in the microwave.

Instant pizza.



Tomorrow we're going for some Smoked Meat. A Jewish contribution to food history.

And we thank them for it.

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  1. I've written a few posts while drunk (not just "buzzed"), which I'll admit is generally not a good idea. A little buzzed, however, sometimes makes the words flow easier (though teetotaler Isaac Asimov never had a problem with writer's block).


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