Jesus Was A Radical Extreme Libertarian

Not sure what Nate Silver has to do with Jesus but somehow it was mentioned in the threads.

My take on progressives claiming Jesus would be a socialist?

Not in the political sense. I highly doubt he'd consent to millions of people being murdered in the name of 'socialism'. Besides, socialists and communists were godless or atheists. 

It's one of the great logical fallacies of the left. They want to help others just like Jesus. And if you are skeptical or question the state's benevolence, then you're ignorant because that's what Jesus wanted.

Another variant is it's 'not very Christian' to deny people help they seek. No one is saying don't help one another. What we're saying is stop living vicariously through the state and being so dependent on it.

That's what I believe would have been Jesus's message. I think he would call all these social entitlements for what they are: Enabling the meek and weak.


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