NYT: Reversing A Myth They Pimped

The New York Times spends a lot of energy advocating all sorts of state control initiatives. Reading the NYT is a form of soft and subtle indoctrination given it's not only positioned as the paper of record but a news outlet perceived to be the voice of 'reason' and 'facts' in the face of an irrational world. The NYT is where its readers go in search of much needed perspectives.

Yet, its roster - outside of a couple of writers - is anything but a commitment to ideas. Its biggest writers from Friedman, to Krugman to Dowd and Brooks (who recently surprisingly described Obama as a 'reluctant warrior' on PBS) - are just your mundane run of the mill defense of progressive liberal ideals. If you're a 'think outside the box' sorta person, you kinda scratch your head at them. If you're already set in the progressive agenda, they speak truth to power.

The whole gun control debate during the Obama administration has been marked with all sorts of misleading information and downright silliness. The deliberate grouping of guns into one gigantic basket of goods and models, the excessive and sometimes irrational attacks on the NRA (and by extension Koch brothers), the misuse of statistics on deaths by firearms, and the general overall tone of manufactured sheer fear against the rights of man who choose to be armed. The fear went as far as showing pictures of rifles - regardless of genre - as scary 'assault rifle' as if they're all machine guns.

This illogical fear has gone to the point of the left attacking (and I argue engaging in mental gymnastics) the 2nd amendment.*

To people who are able to catch the deliberate appeal to emotion, a simple investigation would have put an end to it as they would learn guns are not a monolithic product. Yet, the media ran with it because the public at large is ignorant. And when you're ignorant nothing rallies the mob more than emotion.

Then, once they lay waste to the collective playing on their emotions explaining they need more control for their own good, they pull this.

"The Assault Weapon Myth"

Recall, they were the cheerleaders for more gun control using the very opposite argument to push the agenda.

*The Democrat party and its extreme left-wing arm, even VOTED on an amendment on the 1st amendment. I don't see anything on the right that comes close to attacking liberty like we do on the left. It's not even close the spread between the statists who want to control large parts of the lives of Americans and the rest.

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