Braddeck Pharmacist Moonlights As Dietary Alchemist

Derp in Braddeck, NS:

"Refined sugar is almost as addictive as some street drugs. It starts at an early age." 

Wasn't there a study that just debunked this notion? Why, I think I even posted it on this blog not too long ago. 

He said his pharmacy does a lot of one-on-one consultations that end up veering into giving nutritional advice to patients.

"Just about every conversation led to, 'Please don't drink pop.' Juice is, the sugar in it is, not the healthy thing you've been made to believe your whole life. So as they're leaving the store they're walking past the coolers and the juice," MacKenzie said. 

Juice is not healthy? Because sugar? He's giving diet advice? 

The pharmacist said he had been thinking about pulling the drinks for the past four to six months. He hopes the move will educate frighten and misinform customers. 


"I don't think I'm going to stop people. 

Nice observation on his part.

They can go a block and get a drink of pop, you can go anywhere and get some juice or pop. I don't think I can bar people from drinking. 

He doesn't 'think' he can implies he's looking for ways to do so. He really has a fetish for control. 

It's just the act of doing this will hopefully spur them into thinking, 'OK, there is something wrong with this,'" he said.

MacKenzie stresses the move is personal and he understands many other pharmacies have different business models.

Sugar intake should be cut, says foundation

"If government wanted to look at it, that would be awesome," he said. 

It. Would. Be. So. AWESOME! Mo MMMM ents! Mind. BLOWN!

Naturally. Since he doesn't think he can stop people he'll rely on the government to do that for him. To people like this, it's always about getting the government involved to fuck things up still further. Let's, you know, remove choice from people because they're too fucking stupid to make the right decisions this dope feels is appropriate. I'm sure other pharmacists appreciate his invitation to bring bureaucrats into their stores.

The store isn't sugar free yet."

/face palm.

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