Is That A Bus?

By now, if that 60 Minutes interview with Obama didn't sway undecided voters away from the Democrats for November nothing will. Man, is there no one this President will not throw under the bus? This time it was the entire intelligence community under the supremely incompetent James Clapper (Clap on, Clap off!).

I'm sorry. Are you NOT the President?

Mister The Buck Stops Here is Mr. I Didn't Do It.


It's become almost impossible to listen to the President speak.

For example.

Take this gem on the economy. Apparently, the only way to get the economy moving again with a specific focus on getting wages up is to A) increase the minimum wage, B) equal pay (pay equity if you're a snob) for women and C) infrastructure projects.

That's the ticket. Magic! Superficially force it up! Profit margins? What's that?

That's it. That's his idea. Notice all government initiatives with some coercive strong arming for the private sector.

All (cracked or not) roads to success run through the bureaucracy.

Nothing on how real wealth can only be created and generated by the private sector.

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