Sandy Hook Advisory Panel Unfairly And Unjustifiably Targets Homeschooling

Let's file this under 'scapegoating'.

And the recommendations are a laughable joke. All they're doing is finally taking advantage of the situation to attack something they don't like or understand.

I understand the bureaucracy and government have a problem with people exercising their free will (and in the case of vouchers, choices) but even by their standards this strikes me as utterly ignorant even by their standards - which isn't very high.

By their logic, we should further scrutinize the public system whenever a shooting takes place because the majority of killers aren't homeschooled at all but come from, you guessed it, the public school system.

Sandy Hook had nothing to do with homeschooling. Even if Lanza went to public school what exactly would have changed? To single it out is most unfortunate and a classic example of a modern day witch hunt.

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