Democrat Party Of The United States Knows Its Priorities

And its rather tyrannical.

One of the most outrageous attempts at curbing free speech through trying to amend the First Amendment was killed in the Senate.

It should have been executed in front of the people.

Shows how far left the Democrat party has pulled.

Oh, I see extremists alright.

As usual, comments at Reason tell a lovely story.

And just so we're clear. Liberals up here are no different when it comes to free speech. In fact, they have an upper hand given how shitty and meek our Charter is worded when it comes for our freedoms.

In the end, Canada was careful to put it in such a way that the government has final say over our rights.



Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice...

John Kerry claims U.S. is not at war with ISIS.

He said this one day after Obama's 'we're gonna but not gonna' speech.

Question: Will Obama personally account if things don't go according to plan seeing he may bypass Congress?

I guess it can be a rhetorical question too.

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