Bureaucrats Hold The Power

Next time you hear someone babble on about 'deregulation' (still don't know what that means) and the need for more regulations (for civilization's sake) have them watch this. There IS NO FREE MARKET. It's freeish but go out and try and innovate.

You can't without going through them first and that's a huge problem.

The government is fully capable of destroying lives. If it wants its money and wants to show who is in control the pencil pushing bureaucrat with its guaranteed salary and pension doesn't care if it shuts you down so long as it gets its cut.

They're more ruthless than the mob.*

That's the plain truth.

The other day on the radio (CJAD''s 'Gang of Four') I was sickened listening to a bunch of talking heads call for more taxes and regulations on, like everything.  They were talking as if Quebec is Hong Kong when in fact we're closer to a socialist model. Imagine. It's Quebec where the state pretty much controls the plot either through cronyism (which we excel at) or schemes like issuing permits (all I get all day long is propaganda and letters from various government agencies. I swear if I close my eyes it's 1917 Moscow) and they WANT MORE INTERFERENCE.  It was asinine. Only the host showed any sense of sober thought. 

*Loansharking is illegal particularly the interest they charge. If you're late with a government payment go look at the interest and penalties they charge. It's obscene.

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