Morally Detached Progressives

If progressives can point to me of a planned, systematic genocide of Palestinians by Israelis in the manner witnessed and PROVEN under Nazis who hideously orchestrated one of the most evil and hyper-organized ring of murder in world history, I'd like to hear it.


I'm fucking listening.

In the annals of history, Palestinians have not suffered like Jews have through out history. In just six little years we stared straight into the eyes of EVIL and these clowns are gonna tell me Israel is comparable to Nazi Germany? How sufficiently morally and intellectually bankrupt are people?

And Elizabeth Warren. What a piece of disingenuous work this faux-Native, pseudo-intellectual figment of the left-wing cult she is.

But it's all standard thinking among progressives. Same thing up here too. I doubt you'd find too many in the Liberal or NDP (Trudeau and Mulcair included) parties who wouldn't agree with the idiots in the link.

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