Gatekeepers Gonna Gatekeep

Was listening to The Herd with Colin Cowherd on ESPN sirius radio last week on the topic was, of Ray Rice and how the NFL handled of the incident.

At the time, Cowherd caught my ears when he zeroed in on the calls from some people asking Roger Goodell to resign and that somehow 'wanting to get people fired' is want 'bloggers do.'

Citation needed because I don't know of any reputable blog that explicitly says it does this. It may 'encourage' it by 'outing' information about athletes but if the athlete or executive are doing things they shouldn't be doing then what's the problem? Cowherd makes it sound as if bloggers are a bunch of runaway misfits out to 'get people.'

Er, in case you haven't noticed, the media does this all the time. For example, a rush to judgment before all facts are in is not a problem among bloggers. Shoot, in fact, I've seen blogs treat facts far ore responsibly than the media. Many stories that get confused often originate from the media and not bloggers. Think Duke Lacrosse. Media sensationalizes; not blogs. And don't fricken get me going on the steroids in baseball story. For me, that was the epitome of baseball writers to invested in their 'access' to tackle the issue. It was bloggers who shone a light on it.

Now. It's not the first time Cowherd goes after blogs (he did it again today) and he's certainly not the only one so it's par for the course another 'gatekeeper' makes this argument. Costas and Wilbon have put in their licks as well.

Problem is, I haven't heard or read blogs call for a resignation in Rice's cases incident. In fact, most of it is coming from organizations like the National Coalition for Women. Moreover, I could have sworn I've heard a few radio personalities do the same. 'He should resign' are three words you hear from pundits on TV and radio all the time.

Why he chooses to single blogs out is a bit of mystery. Right. Cowherd holds the tired generalization of bloggers living in the mother's basement in pajamas.

So 1999.

I don't know where Cowherd has been or what he's reading, but in case he hasn't noticed, blogs revolutionized journalism - and for the better. They offer a whole new dimension and perspectives on sports. Why should it be in the hands of the 'gatekeepers'? There are many great writers and blogging permits them an outlet to express their views. Shoot, a few of them, dare I say, are better than half the crap I read at ESPN. And they're not in their pajamas! They wear pants!

Furthermore, inherent in Cowherd's argument is journalists and ESPN are free from statistical errors and bias. 

Nonsense. ESPN is atrocious on matters of stats. I find way too many mistakes in the soccer section of the site alone.

That being said, Fire Colin Cowherd!

I'm joking.

I kid.

Now where are my pajamas?

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