Obama: The Behind The Pack Leader

What a shame how Congress gets bypassed so easily.

From comments:

"Obama's modus operandi is to say one thing and do another. By not committing to a strategy, or by leading from behind, or conducting a shadow war well out of public view he allows himself political plausible denyability and preempts any charges of political hypocrisy which he considers to be job 1. He can pick and choose his shots on a case by case basis without complication as per his use of UAV's. His alternative plan when painted into a corner is to take the issue to a forum where debate and politics and/or diplomacy provide him the time and space to wriggle free, the pickerel in the weeds approach - politically speaking a very slippery character."

And still manage to look cute and innocent in front of his fans.

"B...b...but...Congress is not listening!"

Still. It's the Daily Beast and it's not without its nutcase idiots who bow to dictatorial actions at the drop of a hat:

"Usually, I'm a big fan of congressional oversight.  You know, checks and balances, accountability and all that other good stuff.  But given how hugely important this issue is, and given how radically inept the House of Reps is, I don't blame the Prez for twisting himself into legal knots to avoid dealing with them.

This is grown-up business.  Leave the kids out of it."

What a fool. Can't even see the dangers of such a position. Yes, because Obama the Grown Up's foreign policy record has been stellar enough to give him the benefit of the doubt. If anything, Congress needs to be involved because if there's one President who's likely to make the wrong move it's Obama.

"Admirals King and Leahy didn't invite FDR and the Congress to help develop the  strategy for  fighting in Europe and the Pacific during W.W. II. FDR called for declarations of war and Congress voted on both. Why should it be any different today? The President should go to Congress and ask for a declaration of war against ISIS and the members of Congress should go on record individually for voting for or against that declaration. Leave the planning to the military experts. The less Congressional intrusion the better."

 Ah. That's more like it.

/breathes sigh of relief.

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