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Sweden 'most successful society' in world history?

You know, being a history buff and all (I even have a degree!) and having maintained a keen interest in all things the past, many things have come and gone from this remedial mind but concluding Sweden is what Toynbee claims was never one of them.

It's a ridiculous assertion.

It only works when you accept her (left-wing) criteria (as well as conveniently over looking any negatives) and even then I don't know how you can arrive at that conclusion.


  1. I was struck by this in the piece: "a young dynamic moderate, uniting the fractious forces of the right." One wonders why the left never utters a hint about "the fractious forces of the left." And then there was this:
    "Unemployment is felt to be high - officially 5.8% but higher, counting those on employment schemes - yet falling from over 8% when Persson took over." Imagine! In just a short span as nine years the prime minister managed to bring the unemployment rate down 2.2 percentage points! Own the press, own the people.

  2. Yeah, whenever I see the left discuss employment I snicker and giggle. Sweden lowered its unemployment by what the left here calls 'deregulating'. They let the private sector be free for a time in order to create wealth and growth. Unemployment followed.


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