Radical Islam: Not Insignificant Numbers

I keep hearing about how radical Islam represent a small fraction of the overall Islamic population.

To any astute observer of history, lemme summarize: Duh.

The 'small minority' or the 'vocal few' or however you want to describe it have always caused the biggest ruckus and sometimes crimes against humanity. The 'silent majority' though likely peaceful generally get ransacked and over run by a bunch of sociopaths or psychopaths. See Soviet Russia, Mao China, Nazi Germany, Castro's Cuba and North Korea for example.

It's no different with radical Islam.

Math time!

There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. It's been estimated by Interpol and the CIA anywhere between 20-25% of Muslims are radicalized and prepared to join terrorist organizations.

Let's use the lower-end of those estimates. This means there are possibly 320 million members of the 'religion of peace' ready to fight for jihad. That's bigger than any nation in the West including the United States.

By contrast, there are about 2.1 billion Christians (according to Wiki). How many of them blow themselves up again? This is why moral relativists who attempt to equate Christianity with radical Islam with strawman logic can suck on a lemon. Same with Hinduism. I don't see too many of the estimated 1 billion Hindi (or Buddhists for that matter) strapping explosives to their chests in an attempt to set up some irrational Caliphate in the West.

It really gets bizarre when you bring in Judaism - the Jooooos! According to the politically correct, progressives and other assortment of morally challenged individuals who can't see beyond their clouded judgment, 14 million Jews - of which six million in a tiny strip of land surrounded by hundreds of millions hostile Arabs and Iranians ready to 'throw them into the Sea' - are the source of all the madness.

If only the Jooooos would stop their settlements!

/points to statistics box.

Sorry pal, even if Israel would go full blown isolationist, you'd still have a gigantic radical Islam problem.

When you consult the numbers, one should quickly dismiss any notions of racism directed against Muslims. Indeed, jihadists are open about their designs - just like Hitler was if anyone bothered to either read his book or take him seriously instead of appeasing him. Yet here we are doing the exact same thing. It doesn't help the United States has a leader who isn't entirely convinced he needs to destroy Islamists or Western governments - save a few sober ones like Poland - so far up the political correctness ass, they can barely defend themselves from within it seems.

So be it.

As history dictates, all it takes is a few to murder on a grand scale.

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