"Fuck PETA"

I've managed to work the word 'fuck' twice in one day in my titles!


Never heard of Tagaq but I like her already:

"F--k PETA," Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq declared as she claimed the 2014 Polaris Prize in Toronto on Monday night.

The musician from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, used her victory to encourage hipsters to make eating and wearing seal trendy.

"People should wear and eat seal as much as possible, because if you imagine an indigenous culture thriving and surviving on a sustainable resource, wearing seal and eating it, it's delicious and there's lots of them and f--- PETA," Tagaq said.

PETA specifically opposes the East Coast seal hunt, and has lobbied on behalf of the European Union ban that makes an exception for indigenous hunters
Inuit leaders, however, have spoken out against the ban and affiliated campaigns, claiming they stigmatize all people who hunt and harvest the animal.

Tagaq also made waves with her pro-seal activism in April when she contributed to the Inuit-led social media movement of posting "sealfies" with an image of a baby next to a dead seal.

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