Should I Stay Or Should I go?

Britain, desperate, is starting to bribe Scotland by throwing free shit at it.

That the UK has lost its luster and balls is pretty clear, but that's sad and reminiscent of the Quebec/Canada issue. When Quebec starts to rail, Canada comes with a bag of goodies.

Both Scotland and Quebec are dependent regions with strong left-wing bents (which is particularly disheartening in the case of Scotland given its contribution to classical liberalism during The Enlightenment) incapable of going on their own.

Best both realize they're NOT Scandinavia.

But what do the political masters (and those connected from intellectual circles) care? They're gonna profit from the scam.

Nonetheless, I'm torn whenever people or regions want to go on their own. What can be more 'free' than exercising their rights of determination? But in these cases, the cons outweigh the pros in my view and is driven less in rationalism and more in emotion.

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