Not About Climate Change Anymore

It's system change.

Jesus, can these idiots be anymore predictable? We all knew - the sober ones anyway - climate change had little to do with the environment and everything to do with control.

More to the point, it's nothing but an anti-capitalist movement filled with the usual left-wing buffoons in its ranks.

Their jargon, their thought process (if you could call it that), their position all amount to nothing more than the same, dated socialist ideals that has given to so many state-sanctioned murders.

That 300 000 (and I wouldn't be surprised if the number isn't that high) marched to protest climate-system change only points to the malaise we face in terms of deep-rooted, insecure, irrational fears that exists on the left.

The party of rationalism my ass. Like these people care the policies they support lead to the deaths of people. Of course not. They don't see the path of destruction they leave behind.

Lord. These are the people who will usher in a new 'system'?

Learn to dig a moat and raise a private army because they'll come for blood.

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