Climate Change Week

The Consensus on the consensus.

No doubt he's on big oil's pay roll.


My take on Harper's position on Kyoto and climate  system change?

It's the sensible and practical way to go given Canada is a resource based economy. Canada already has strong environmental standards in place and tying our economy to the UN's conditions is not responsible governance. Harper is heavily criticized for this but he's on the right side of this increasingly shrill and discredited debate.

Australia tells a cautionary tale when a resource based economy decides to go green. And Germany, once dedicated to the cause, completely reversed direction because of the destruction green policies were heaping on the economy. Add that the United States, India and China have and will not sign, it makes little sense for our economy - a branch plant American one depended on the U.S. (and to a lesser extent Chinese) - to join Kyoto.

Perhaps there are fair criticisms to be directed at the Harper government, but jumping on Kyoto is not one of them.

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