To Toll Or Not To Toll

Heard these priceless gems on a morning radio show discussing whether we should have tolls on the Champlain Bridge - that marvel of Canadian engineering: 

Texter: -The rich will get to expense the costs.

Yeah, yeah. Kill the rich - or at least have them pay their fair share. 50% taxes isn't enough.

Anyway. You don't have to be 'rich' to expense anything. If you're self-employed and earn a modest living you can, say, claim gas expenses.

Further proof people play the poor part out of sheer ignorance.

This shit is more dangerous than ebola.

Hang on, it gets better:

On private bridges: "I don't want tolls at the mercy of corporations setting prices."

This is a marvel of derp. Right. Government doesn't bloat prices through inefficiencies and labor. Worse, we never get to see the true price since there's no transparency so we can't even measure the validity of the statement if we wanted to. Government prices is an article of faith I guess. It just pops up and presto! $6 for the Pennsylvania Turnpike! $13 NY/NJ!

Companies have an incentive to keep costs and prices down. It's a basic, elementary business principle. She makes it sound as if the company running the bridge will arbitrarily set a price without considering market forces. Government has no incentive to consider this. NONE.

Worse than ebola I tell ya.

And then this piece de resistance from the resident socialist:

I'm not sure I can make any sense of it but it went something like "I went to Florida. Florida has no taxes. Florida has extreme poverty. No civilization." 

That's standard Canadian nationalist gibberish.

Seeing is believing, eh? Never mind you don't see poverty.

You measure it.

Ebola? Pft.

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