Fall Of The West Reason 45666888: Europe In A Scientific Dark Age; USA Goes Back To Witch Hunt Technique

"It's enough to make you choke on your marmalade. An EU watchdog says toast, that most British of breakfast delicacies, should be eaten only when it is a light yellow colour – not an appetising brown.

And heaven forbid if you prefer your toast – whisper it – burned!
The new warning from the European Food Safety Authority is designed to highlight the dangers of the chemical acrylamide, which forms in certain foods cooked at high temperatures."

European Food Safety Authority, huh.

Four words that should frighten any level-headed 'Pean. So we're clear, the acrylamide scare was dealt with, like, over 10 years ago. Like anything else, you need to consume tons of it to increase any health risks. Like tons.

Personally, I like a little burnt on my meat and toast. What I don't like is people (bureaucrats) with burnt minds trying to scare us.

Alas, we're so far up the state's ass may as well be another brick in the wall.


More and more schools are taking to 'slut shaming' girls.

Remember. These are educators who take to the streets whenever they feel threatened and babble on about caring for the children. That without public educators there's no civilization - or something to that vapid effect. These are the people in positions of authority over kids.

They're no better than witch hunters.

To call these people retarded would only insult the mentally challenged.

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