Why Democrats Will Keep On Losing

Jon Ossoff, the Democrat candidate running in Georgia progressives were hoping would win, lost.

Here's a quote from his concession speech:

"We all know an ominous dark cloud is engulfing America. Thank you for being some of the brave few fighting against this."

This from a guy who outspent (a reoccurring theme among Democrats who scream there's too much money in politics) his Republican opponent by a decent margin and isn't even from the district he ran in. His ads were designed to be centrist (focusing on fiscal responsibility) but as the quote above reveals, they're nothing but far left progressives.

While progressives keep acting like the world is ending banging on their pots and pans like toddlers, the rest of the country will keep on moving forward. 

I keep looking for that ONE Democrat who will say the right, mature and wise thing.

I can't find him, her...or it.

All the GOP has to do is be less stupid than the DNC and they will continue to hold power for some times I reckon. 

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