Bill C-16 An Attack On Canadians: Time To Consider A Non-Confidence Motion In Parliament

Great news: Bill C-16 has passed the Senate – making it illegal to discriminate based on gender identity or expression. 

Proud that Bill C-16 has passed in the Senate. All Canadians should feel 

Not great news. Horrific news where freedom of expression and speech are concerned.

An abomination. 

The Liberals are criminalizing speech and making criminals of Canadians.

I'm not one to get hyper about taking down governments but it's seriously time to pass a non-confidence motion in Parliament. The Liberals are putting us on the path of the UK and Germany where they imprison or fine comedians, go after people on social media and investigate so-called hate speech. 

My wife said in response, 'well, it's okay. People will defend themselves in court and will prevail'.

Except she's not realizing a) people shouldn't be in that position to begin with and b) the process is the punishment. Some people will lose their jobs; their families over this rubbish. In doing so we will weaken our communities more than any good such a piece of thoughtless and anti-freedom legislation could bring. 

I have no interest in becoming those shit holes and Canada should not be emulating them. There is but one country on the planet we should support and that's the United States. Full stop. 

The Liberals are treading dark waters with this while they continue to plunge the country into debt.



Party of science folks. Oh, where is the science backing their decision? Oh, that's right. There isn't any.

What in God's name is wrong with the Liberal  Progressive party of Canada? 


This sort of attack on liberty can only come from a social justice warrior mind like Trudeau and his merry band of vacuous MP's. 

How anyone thinks protecting one group at the expense of another through punitive measures backed by dubious science is a good idea is beyond me. 

The progressive left are absolute grotesque monsters when it comes to civil liberties.

To get an idea where the progressive ethos will land us just watch this from Evergreen:

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