The Spirit Of Liberty Has To Be Protected At All Cost

Just wanted to provide some insights as to how I arrived to the latest theme around here.

You may ave noticed this blog has taken a decided turn on two fronts: Uncompromising on matters of civil liberties and the identifying of progressivism as an illiberal ideology.

I spend hours a week reading, researching, keeping a catalog of thousands of articles and links, trying to make sense and finding the energy to write about my findings in a lucid and concise manner as best I could.

Preferably with much humour.

Despite my efforts - I believe my blog to be as good as any in terms of content and originality - it has rendered much of anything financially or popularity.

As much as I wouldn't mind more recognition, it's not what drives me.

What matters is to lend my voice to these topics I consider crucial to the advancement of Western civilization.

There's no question we have our backs against the walls as the serpent tongue of progressivism is lashing out spraying its venom poisoning the minds of individuals.

We can but withstand it, regroup, and hit back in the halls of debate. Something the left is completely disinterested in as we've seen.

I join many other blogs and websites of a conservative, libertarian and classical liberal bent. We must join forces to defeat progressivism and maintain and even restore liberties lost.

The United States gets the most focus because it is the singular most important nation of our times. Indeed Rome. It is the lone nations standing and fighting for its Constitution - the finest document where individual rights and sovereignty are concerned in world history.

If it were to be over taken, this would be a huge loss for mankind. There isn't a nation in the world willing to speak on behalf of liberty like the Americans do. If they go, exit freedom and enter tyranny.

Yes, it's simple as that.

No one can sit there and tell me what's going on in Europe is a good thing; one to emulate. Same with Canada with its unfortunate and wrongheaded approach to freedom of speech and opinion.

If Canada could just cross the Rubicon and more in line with our American cousins, we'd be so much richer for it. We have little in common with the EU in its current formation with its technocratic powers funnelled into Brussels. This is not my idea of freedom.

Europe are our cousins and we can but hope one day they begin to realize it's not them the Americans should be copying. They should be looking to the Americans.

Not the Democrat or progressive portion of America for this is nothing but European socialism wrapped in the Star Bangled Banner.


They need to rediscover its liberal roots.

Canada too has a part to play in this production. Hopefully one day our Charter could be rewritten so that our commitment to FREEDOM AND LIBERTY is uncompromising. No unelected human rights tribunal scorching citizens; no hate speech laws; a rescinding of progressive ideals that only serve to aggrandize the state for the myth of the greater good.

Fighting for liberty doesn't come at a cost.

It costs you nothing - except perhaps a bruised ego - to defend the right for people to speak their minds. I loathe much of what's become of progressivism but have you ever read anything here demanding we ban or censor progressive points of view? Of course not, this would mean I am of a weak mind incapable of offering a rebuttal. People who demand to suppress people's rights are tyrants who deserve no respect. To advocate for the closing of ideas is an unconscionable assault on humanity.

Alas, a man can dream, no?

It's been claimed I am conservative and even I sometimes label myself as libertarian. Like many North Americans I'm a mix of these - minus the socialism and progressivism.

Above all, I suppose one thing I've learned after 13 years and thousands of post (most of which are original content) is that my spirit does indeed fall in line with classical liberalism.

To me, being so makes you a true humanist.

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