Texas Is Where America Will Be Reborn

In CNN Money's recent fastest growing cities in American, Texas held six of the top 10 spots.

That's telling you something. It's telling you people are turning away from the traditional havens of California and New York and their derelict and deranged Democrat posture. 

People are escaping those states and headed to more sane spots, fly-over and deplorable nation as it were, in the south and middle-America.

Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky and Texas are just some of the states businesses and people are relocating to. 

There's little hope for progressive city urban centres at the moment. They're just too far removed from reality existing in their bubble. They still cling to the idea of the south being backward and racist. Maybe it does in parts, but this will all soon change and with it will be a resurgence in American pride and innovation.

Texans believe in America; in its ideals. They extoll the spirit of the nation. They don't pay lip service to it like they do up in the North - once the cradle of the nation. The North has abandoned its principles and allegiance to the Constitution.

Not in the south. Ironically enough. The place that lost the Civil War and still had segregation right until the 1960s, is fast evolving and will soon leapfrog the so-called enlightened North.

The only thing one needs to worry about are progressives infesting those parts of the south and instilling it with their nonsense.

Fucken right.

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