Entertainers, Starbucks, Paypal And Others: Do Your Jobs And Spare Us The Social Justice Hypocrisy

I don't know about you but I've grown extremely tired and impatient with entertainers and companies playing social justice warrior.

The other day a friend was at a Roger Waters concert. He said the show was fantastic but he and his apolitical wife could do without all the senseless anti-Trump nonsense that came with it.

This poses a problem for me. I'm not interested in paying good money for something only to be lectured. When I pay for something I'm paying for the item, service or product. In the case of Roger Waters people are purchasing the music of Roger Waters. Not his takes on politics. Once he goes beyond his prescribed job he's disrespecting his customers.

Sure, there are performers out there where you can reasonably assume they will get political - i.e. Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp and Steve Earle. All singers I've come to enjoy and respect enormously. However, my politics is on the opposite end of their views. 

Which means, I now think twice about paying to go see them.

I own a business. It would be foolish and disrespectful of me to presumptuously banter over politics with a customer. Most people are just polite and listen and so you would never know how they feel unless they just stop being your customer.

Keep business and politics separate. Just like it's rude to discuss it at the table. Once upon a time we understood these basic common forms of etiquette.

Now every public space is fair game for people to accost you with their views.

And it's déclassé. 

It lacks a certain degree of integrity and dignity and high levels of arrogance to treat your fellow man in such a manner.

Roger Waters, by plastering anti-Trump propaganda, basically told some in his audience to eat shit.

Is Roger Waters worth it?

Not to me he is; wonderful music notwithstanding.

Starbucks is another example when they thought it was a good idea to have their baristas hassle and assault their paying customers on issues of race.

The concept of a corporation acting as social justice police is an outrageous, if not creepy, development in contemporary society.

I have no idea who these people are, what their backgrounds are, where they're heading in life or what their credentials are to speak to people that way. 

Paypal is another company that has absurdly entered the social justice foray.

This time they hung their credibility on transgender bathrooms in North Carolina. They weren't the only ones. Artists, including Springsteen, promised to not go perform there. Bryan Adams, such the brave soul, stuck his chest out against the Tar Heel state only to not cancel his tour dates in....the Middle-East. Not exactly a place known for its tolerance or respect for human rights.

Either Adams is an ignorant fool or just your run of the mill left-wing individual lacking any self-awareness for their actions. 

As it were, the state of California had a similar law on the books but no one dared to threaten California. What, with all that cash to be made, right? I don't expect Springsteen to have a team of legal experts wading through all the laws in the land he may disagree with.

That would mean really being serious about your causes and maintaining a level of intellectual consistency. Rather, they do what they do best: Emote. Celebrities exist for us to sharpen our critical thinking skills.

CEO's have proven to be every bit as frivolous. Be it Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Howard Schultz before he left Starbucks, Mozilla, and Paypal CEO Dan Schulman among many others.

Paypal is tough on North Carolina. Not so much on Russia, Saudi Arabia and Singapore - not exactly bastions of LBGT rights. 

Alas, much easier to virtue signal against a small state who had every right to do what it felt right for its constituents.

Instead, they were bullied by faux-righteous individuals who left themselves open to heavy criticism. Without the double standards company's who engage in social justice would have no standards at all.

It's hard to take this seriously and it's enough to make a cynic of any intelligent person with morals. 

Maybe it's time they knock it off and, you know, DO THEIR JOBS.

Spare us your bull shit.


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